We are farm to table in history and heritage.

As a little girl in Poland, I trekked by foot to the local market for fresh produce with my mother each day. Each morning our market flooded with local farmers to proudly display their bright and colorful fare. What we returned home with we sliced, diced, pickled, bottled, baked, and cooked by hand ourselves. In the old country, this was our ritual, and it was the only way we ever knew. We didn’t have take-out and delivery or processed foods. What we did have was farm-to-table, certified organic, free range, and hand-crafted. We just called it dinner. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 40 years. In all that time we’ve seen our children grow to become parents and the world change around us more and faster than we could have ever expected.

In our family and at our table, the habits and traditions of the old-world live on. All around us appreciation for the kind hand wrought organic fare we took for granted is growing. For a quarter of a century we have been sharing our tradition for hand baked goods, organic fare, high quality meats, and fresh fruit and vegetables right here at Red Apple Buffet. If there is anything we have learned over all these years it’s that there is nothing more important than family or more binding than the food that brings us all together. We believe in our heritage, our traditions, and in you, who are as you have always been our nearest and dearest family. We just happen to make great food.




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