Nalewka is a traditional Polish alcoholic beverage similar to medicinal tinctures. It is usually 40-45% ABV (sometimes as strong as 75%), and is made by maceration of various ingredients in alcohol, usually vodka or neutral spirits.                                   


3.5 lb Blackcurrants

1.5 lb Sugar

0.5 l (17oz) Neutral Spirits 95% ABV (Rectified Alcohol)

0.5 l (17oz) Vodka 40% ABV

Rinse blackcurrants, dry and remove all branches and stems. Mash the fruit with a potato masher or puree using a food processor or blender. Do not puree until smooth. Some fruity bits should remain. Place fruit in a jar and cover with sugar and neutral spirits. Set aside for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, remove the liquid (“Nalew”) and place in another jar. Close tightly and set aside. Add vodka to the macerated fruit. Set both jars aside for 4 weeks.

Collect the alcohol from the fruit jar and combine with the “Nalew”. Filter the combined liquids using a cheesecloth, then divide into several bottles and set aside for 6 months.

Enjoy the taste and medicinal powers of Blackcurrants!