11 lb Beets
1.3 Gal Water
1 Garlic Head
5 tspns Salt
5 Allspice Berries
1 Small Piece of Horseradish Root
5 Peppercorn Grains
1 Dill Stem

1 tspn juice from pickled cucumbers or pickled cabbage (gluten-free)
1 small piece of dark bread crust (with gluten)

Peel and thinly slice or coarsely grate the beets. Cut the garlic head in half. Place the beets in a stoneware or glass dish and add the garlic along with the remaining ingredients. Cover the beets with salt water (dissolve 1 tspn salt in 1 L water). Add the starter to accelerate the pickling process.

The beets will be ready after a couple of days, but for best results wait 7-9 days. The longer you wait, the spicier and stronger the beet juice will be. This pickled beet juice is a very healthy drink and has a wonderful taste without the earthy and raw flavor of fresh beets. Seemingly mildly carbonated, it is an exquisite beverage. Store the pickled beet juice in a bottle and refrigerate.