(An 1856 recipe)

Fried in deep fat, most often with lard. Made from “beaten up dough”, Faworki should be exceptionally light and delicate, covered with numerous bubbles.


1 lb flour

20 grams powdered sugar

7 egg yolks

4 whole eggs

¼ shot glass of Arak (Anise Liquor)

1 tablespoon of sweet, fresh cream


Combine ingredients together, knead vigorously and better yet pound the dough with the roller.

Roll out dough as thinly as possible; cut into long slanting stripes and fry in a hot pan over lard (it can substitute today with canola oil) – be careful that the heat is even and consistent throughout, but not to strong.

Remove the fried Chrusts onto wax/tissue paper – and when the oil settles, sprinkle with vanilla sugar immediately.